Door policy

Age and ID

The minimum age of visitors is 18 years old; visitors must show a valid ID if requested. The minimum age for female visitors is 21 years old, they must show a valid ID at all times.

Behaviour visitor

Any visitor who is verbally aggressive or adopts an aggressive attitude is denied access to the Club.

Nuisance, alcohol and drugs

Visitors who cause a nuisance for the environment are denied access.
Visitors who are visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs are denied access.
It is not permitted to have drugs present in and near Club LV, visitors holding drugs are denied access.


It is prohibited to have any knives or fire arms present. The weapons are kept by the host and the visitor is denied access to Club LV. The police are always notified when a weapon is found.

Destruction and vandalism

Visitors who behave in a loud or destructive manner or urinate in public near Club LV are denied future access to the club.

Right to deny access

Club LV retains the right to refuse people access for other reasons.

About Club LV

Club LV is the most exclusive sex club in the Netherlands, quality and discretion are leading. As the longest-running sex club of the Netherlands we have offered our clients discretion and quality for years. Our sex club is all about pleasure and seduction. For an unforgettable night of (sexual) pleasure, visit Club LV.

High class ladies

Our high-class ladies are all to die for. At our bar you can enjoy delicious champagne and get into a conversation with one or more of our eloquent ladies. You will quickly notice that our ladies are intelligent, stylish and elegant. In addition, our ladies have outstanding (sexual) skills.

Exclusive private rooms

When you have dropped your eyes on one or more of our sexy divas, you can retire to one of our exclusive private rooms. We have 8 luxurious rooms, each equipped with a hot tub.

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Go to our news section and find out about our erotic theme parties. Club LV is located at the Middenweg 144 in Amsterdam. For more information about our sex club please contact us by phone at: +31 20-663 6662.