Best brothels in Amsterdam

Best brothels in Amsterdam

 Looking for the best brothels in Amsterdam? Are you visiting Amsterdam now or in the near feature and is visiting a brothel on your to do list? Or do you just want to know more about brothels in Amsterdam? Read on!

A sex city

Since the old days, Amsterdam is famous for its sex industry. A major trading harbour since the Middle Ages made Amsterdam a magnet for the ‘world’s oldest profession.’ It was already in the 14the century that, women were carrying red lanterns to met gentlemens. But sex work wasn’t legal until 1810, and brothels weren’t legalised until 2000.

Best brothels in Amsterdam

Have you become curious about brothels in Amsterdam? Maybe because you never visited one. Or do you visit them more often and do you long for that again? Great news! Club LV is Amsterdam’s best brothel and is a very popular high end sexclub.

Sexy girls and luxurious rooms

What you can expect of a visit to Club LV? 1. Sexy girls! The range of girls at Club LV is immense. Every girl is unique and has her own quality. One thing we are sure of is that you will find one that will suit your taste and that the one will bring you ultimate pleasure. Can you even imagine? 2. You can also expect a great location. A luxury, but discrete location with themed rooms and jacuzzis. 3. There is also a luxurious bar with different kind of drinks. We definitely have you favorite drink at our bar.

Best brothels in Amsterdam: Visit us now

The most exclusive brothel in Amsterdam is open from Monday until Saturday. On Sunday the club is closed. You are welcome from 8PM until 5 AM at Middenweg 144 in Amsterdam. Take a look at our website for a taste to get you in the mood!